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Welcome to Monique Design blog!

I live in Bucharest, Romania, a beautiful country placed in the South-Est of the Europe!

We are fortunate to have all four seasons here, so we can enjoy both swimming and sunbathing in the summer at the Black Sea and skiing in the winter at the Carpathian mountains. There are places so beautiful here that sometimes they seem unreal!

My passion for creating things with my own hands came since I was a little girl, when I first started making more clothes for my dolls. Later I made some for myself and I was very proud to wear my own creations.

In 2012 I discovered origami crafts and I was fascinated by it! I started making roses and I gave one of them to every colleague on her birthday! They really appreciated them!

Then I discovered FIMO crafts and I loved them too! I made a few jewelry and they looked pretty nice, so I considered this could be an opportunity for my imagination to express itself!

But the real passion came with my quilling creations! I simply love creating new designs and I love playing with colors!

Everything around us is full of colors, so the inspiration is always present! We only have to look carefully and see the beautiful things that surrounds us!

So please feel free to enjoy your journey through my creations! 🙂

If you like them and you want to know details, you can leave a comment or write to me on the e-mail address: mq.design@yahoo.com


2 thoughts on “About & Contact”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful quilled works! You have great creativity.


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